Averi has found herself a new lover and forces her husband to suck on his cock too! He doesn't want to lose his hot piece of ass so he does what she demands!


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Not many pictures here but it was all I could get my hands on. Better than nothing I guess :)







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To gain entrance to the Cumfiesta mansion you need to know the secret password. You also need to be a hot young girl as the password is to flash your boobies! I strongly doubt they would let a fat dude with man boobs inside for example ;) Averi flashed her small firm tits and had no problems with the entrance.


She now knew what kinda horndogs she was dealing with so she kept up the show and flashed her g-string ass for them and later on stripped down completely naked. She also took the liberty of unzipping the pants of some guy, and when he didn't stop her she pulled out his huge rod and sucked it good! From there on out they fucked like wild creatures in every imaginable position in the living room.


















































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5 minute long BJ clip!



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A lovely striptease outdoors in the sun is followed by a magnificent blowjob indoors. Her ass really looks good in the first part. Will Powers was the lucky guy to get his pole smoked by this cockcraving teen beauty; I somehow can recognize his dick anywhere! She gets positioned in front of him then sucks and tugs his long rod like a champion.














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From the update Satisfied Smiles. Twistys is known for their HQ content and this scene didn't disappoint!


Averi's ass looks delicious here, I'd like to take a bite out of that! She gets out of her nice lingerie and spreads her shaved pussy for the camera, showing us some pink.





























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