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Mar 29, 2013

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Averi made a bet with her boyfriend that if his team won he could have anything he want from her. Of course he had his eyes on her tight little asshole! The team won and he got an evening of analsex with the ass virgin Averi Brooks. They warmed up with sucking and some regular fucking before he inserted his big schlong into her brown hole. You can tell from the pictures that this was her first time taking it up the rear end!
























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This dude was supposed to meet Averi on the squash court for their date. She thought he was being late but in fact he had been there for a while just filming her and drooling outside the court. She got mad when she caught him and demanded he made it up to her. He certainly did.


Back at home he gave her a rubdown and this sexy massage turned into a little more hardcore business. She pulled out his large wiener and gave it a good suck then let him have his way with her tight vagina in bed.

















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4 minutes of lesbian threeway action in bed.



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I hate it when a scene only has screencaps and no hi-res pictures like this one. But it's better than nothing so hope you'll appreciate them :)


Averi is down at the beach enjoying herself and getting a tan when some horndog shows up hitting on her. She goes home with him eventually where he presents his large schlong. It fits in her mouth and she gives it a good suck before she sits on top of it and rides it like a motherfucker!




















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